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About Ali Enterprises Inc.
Outdoor Living Design Services

Ali enterprises Inc. designs for all types of water shapes and or outdoor spaces.

Our goal is to design a space to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

About Ali Enterprises Inc Outdoor Living Design Services.
Your outdoor project could be a pool, spa, cook center, fire pit, fireplace, drainage, fencing, lighting, sanitation, filtration, basketball court, tennis court, egress into and out of your home, privacy, colors, textures, shadows, reflections, functionality, safety, structural integrity…

Our first step is to discuss your needs, wants and your wish list. How do you expect to feel in your space? How do you spend your days, if you are in your “perfect” space? How do you entertain, relax, exercise, and just rejuvenate after a long day or week?

Our services include a full blueprint process. Ali Enterprises inc. will also assist in matching you with a builder, landscaper, or water shape installer. We will go through the tricky scary process of your budget. Our goal is to ensure that you have enough details and information to keep your project on budget and on a reasonable time completion path, and to overall make the process as smooth as possible.

If we decide that you want to move the design phase, we will send our design agreement for review and signature. The site will then have a soils test, a topography (elevation layout) completed and a list of your needs as well as a walk of the site together to view your lifestyle and your needs. Ali Enterprises Inc. then gets to work on a design to exceed your expectations. Ali Enterprises Inc. is distinctive in its quest to compliment the home's architecture and conform to the natural environment. Our commitment to innovative design, long lasting quality materials and sound construction practices have earned us many years of success and many satisfied clients. Our clients deserve nothing less.

May 29, 2018 – Boyce B. – “Ali’s ‘hands on’ approach during each phase of construction was reassuring. Her expertise is not limited to the pool itself, but extends to the integration of the pool house, lightscape, landscape and hardscape design as well. Ali’s dedication to providing excellent design, construction, and service has been impressive. She is as responsive to our follow-up questions today as she was during planning and construction.” Boyce B.

May 16, 2018 – “During the design phase, Ali used state of the art simulations and CAD tools to help visualize the final product. She worked closely with us and took the time to understand our needs, desires, and budget. Her design was coupled with strong engineering and quality construction practices too… In designing and constructing that project, Ali exceeded are already high expectations. She created a design that complemented our home architecturally and stylishly. Her design took advantage of the natural environment and blends and complements our hone, the lakefront view, and the style.” - Mike M